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Brass, Bronze and Aluminum Custom Metal Plaques
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Metal plaques Lifetime Guarantee

Cast Metal Plaques: Bronze and Aluminum

Classic and Permanent Cast Metal Plaques

For professional offices, universities and government buildings the classic look of cast & architectural, brass, bronze or aluminum plaques, emblems and logos is ideal.  These
cast plaques
are available in many different finishes, including oxidized, polished or painted . Using only pure, lead-free alloys,
cast & architectural plaques
are available in various thicknesses.

For your
commemorative cast plaque
, add detail and dimension with a
bas relief casting
. Working from a clay mold based on your submitted photograph, our skilled craftsmen will create a raised likeness of your image and cast it for attachment to your plaque.
BMW cast metal plaque


Tested and approved for exterior use. Guaranteed for the life of the product

Metal casting

is a 6000 year-old process that has  withstood the test of time.  A mold of sand or clay is crafted to the desired shape from an approved layout, then molten aluminum or bronze is poured and allowed to solidify. This  durable creation can now be finished to fit your desired application.
If your plaque order requires any of the following, you should consider ordering a

cast plaque


Background and sculpting textures

Sizes up to 96” circular diameter
Letters 1/4” or taller

Higher level of recycled content

Greater depth and dimension

Multiple identical plaques

Larger selection of border styles and mounting options
Call us for more information  1-877-395-9610
Hardware and Mounting Options
Plaque Borders, Textures & Fonts
Plaque Colors and Finishes
Metal Casting 6000 year old process

Specialized Process

Metal casting is a specialized, yet versatile practice. Many metal objects that surround us were created using this process, including train wheels, lamp posts, sculpture, among many other common objects. A huge benefit of metal casting is the ability to use scrap metal and mold it into something new.

Casting requires special furnaces as the melting point of the metals used is normally greater than 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Once melted, the metal is poured into the mold, given time to cool down and eventually removed from the mold and ready to be finished.